One of the best breakfast items of all time is the croissant with chocolate filling coupled with a glass of milk. It makes your mouth water doesn’t it? That’s because the bakers of France created this delicacy when bakers used the techniques passed down by generations of family members with certain recipe “secrets”. Nowadays we get most of our pastries from a bag or box found inside of a large convenience store or a corner liquor. For that reason in this article we will be discussing some of the reasons why bakeries will continue to be used in the future and we will also list some of our favorite pastries for you to try this coming Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Bakeries Will Continue To The Future

By definition, a bakery is a place that makes and sells food that is of a flour base and baked inside of the oven. Bakeries produce some of the most amazing pies, pastries, kaiser rolls, bread, cookies, and cakes and with the help of machinery, a small group of people can feed an entire city block every single morning. So much bread is being made that the bakery industry as a whole is accountable for twenty eight billion dollars in revenue every year.

The first bakers began baking many years ago as far back as the Egyptians and the Romans. In 2018 we have machines that could easily wipe out all the bakers in local communities, but these bakers have established themselves as the local baker and people love the goods that they bake. That’s the main reason why bakeries will continue to be awesome in the future because though a robot can make a perfect cookie, it is the imperfections and unique style of the baker that make it taste that much better.

There has been an increase in the demand for baked goods in the past years, but what there’s a short of are bakers. If we want to continue to employ bakers we will have to raise their hourly wages, and create more efficient systems so that they don’t have to work late nights and early mornings, but are still able to produce the same tasty baked good as always. Because machinery is taking over some automated tasks, the bakers who are needed at certain bakeries are mostly those who have a certain specialty that is very hard to automate.

In conclusion, in this article we have discussed the topic of bakeries and why they will continue to be utilized in the future. We can automate every single piece of movement of a bakery and achieve perfect pastries, but there’s a certain feeling one gets when greeted by the baker who hands us the morning’s warm pastries right out of the oven. Though there’s been a rise in the demand for baked goods, there aren’t enough skilled bakers to take over the need for specialty trades within the baking world. We hope that in the near future there are more skilled bakers stepping up to the plate because a croissant with chocolate filling sounds really good right about now.

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