Type 2 diabetes seems to sneak up on people, and the illness is increasing at an alarming rate. The cause is clear: our nutrition. Our poor diet and obesity is to blame. As much as 30.3 million Americans are diabetics today, and that’s almost 10 percent of the United States’ population. Nutritional research concludes if most of us would embrace more fresh fruits and vegetables, it would stabilize our blood sugar levels.

You Want to Lessen Your Dependence on Diabetes?

It’s important to point out the nutritional value of fresh juice because research has found that processed juice, with all its added sugar and chemicals only make our illnesses worse. In fact, one of the most popular appliance purchases has constantly been a cold pressed juicer. The latest information on fighting diabetes confirms fresh fruit juices and vegetable combinations have a potent effect on diabetes.

The nutrients, antioxidants, and Phyto-chemicals found in fruit and vegetables fight come of today’s most common ailments. It’s a proven fact that many diseases can be managed or eliminated, just by taking care of your body. Juicing isn’t some modern-day invention. Many cultures do not consume any kind of animal protein at all, so the concept isn’t new. Consuming fresh fruit juices are lower in sugar, thus the reason it benefits diabetics. Additionally, many of the natural nutrients work to lower blood sugar levels, like Spinach and Blueberries, just to name a few.

Easier Access to Nutrients

By using a special machine, the juice is extracted from fruits and vegetables. It’s pure extracted juice with all the nutrients right there, ready to be absorbed by the body. Your usual store-bought, processed juice has lost nutrients by the time it arrives to the store. This is because of how fruit and vegetables are manufactured to be sold at a later date. But with fresh fruit and vegetables, consumers take in so many quality nutrients, without added sugars and chemicals, that it helps the body release toxins and function better. Another benefit of juicing is that there’s no digestion, so your body uses those nutrients quickly. Vitamins, Phyto-nutrients, and antioxidants are flooded throughout the body, stimulating the immune system, and improving chemical reactions in the body.

Green Blended for Preventive Qualities

Substances known as Phyto-chemicals contain properties that are known fighters against common diseases. The only way of obtaining these chemicals is by consuming plants, fruits, vegetables, seeds, legumes and teas. You won’t find these in processed foods. Phyto-chemicals have another benefit: the chemicals naturally lower blood glucose levels. And when various components of these fruits and vegetables are combined, there’s a synergy and the effects increase.

The biggest problem today is the standard American diet because it lacks the most important food groups: fruits and vegetables. Add in that when most people do consume fruits and vegetables, there are most often canned goods that have been processed. Canning removes too many of the nutrients, leaving you with added sugars, syrups, and chemicals for shelf-life. Drinking just one glass of fruits and vegetables a day shows significant health advantages. Not only does juicing offer preventative benefits but it can also help manage and eliminate current common diseases.

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